Why Outsourcing Isn't A Dirty Word!
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Written by Michael Mushlin on May 10th, 2016
As an entrepreneur, most of us have subscribed to the belief we have to “do it all” ourselves. Build our businesses I mean. You know, in tattered clothes, laundry not done for days, food wrappers abounding all over, and up until the crack of dawn grinding out content, blog posts, email copy, re-doing the website etc. It’s the belief that as an entrepreneur I have to know and do everything, and it’s just not true.

While there may have been a time, when the “do it all” approach might have been needed, today we live in a done-beats-perfect world where outsourcing, there I said it, isn’t a dirty word. In fact, far from being forbidden fodder, outsourcing is actually the way today’s super successful people are scoring in the information age while those stuck in the old mindset are still trying to add a plugin to their WordPress site.

And I’ll go one step further and say that the reason most entrepreneurs and business owners feel overwhelm, stress and burnout is because they are investing their greatest energies doing the tasks that should be outsourced to others. Instead of giving the lion’s share of their energy and effort to their passion, these well-intending, hard-working and dedicated high performers frustrate themselves and those around them trying to minimize their weaknesses and not build upon their strengths.

Additionally, outsourcing is a phenomenal way to get the expertise of an expert, say in the area of building your sales funnel, without having to hire a $100K per year employee before you see results. Outsourcing allows to buy the portion the talent needed for your project, whether that is one time, or on an ongoing basis.

Successful people use outsourcing to “buy back” their day and their sanity for tasks they aren’t experts at, and you should too.

Now I get what you are saying, “sure I’d outsource it all if I had the money”! Well, outsourcing doesn’t have to be expensive if it’s done properly. Let me share with you my four step formula for outsourcing any job or component of your business.
  •  Determine the component to be outsourced. Identify the task, group of tasks or function that you want done by others. Determine the frequency of the work, meaning how often you want it done, and what the result of the work will be for you.
  •  Determine the potential service providers or companies that can do the work for you. Do you need a company with strong resources, or can you use a talented and flexible individual? Now, I am not knocking Fiverr, and it does have its place in the market, however, remember, you often get what you pay for in life, and $5 doesn’t buy very much. Interview several providers and use that as the basis for a budget.
  •  Interview the potential providers and learn their approach to providing you service for the work you have requested. Obtain the pricing for the work, and make sure that it considers the options and the variable that may be needed or encountered.
  •  Determine what success looks like in hiring them, how will you know that their work is successful? This is an often overlooked component of hiring a service provider and leads to unhappy outsource engagements.
Remember, as the business founder, builder, visionary, entrepreneur, your job is to set the vision and create the opportunity – it doesn’t mean you have to build it all by yourself or do all the work yourself. 

Use these steps to see what areas of your business you could allow others to do, and buy back some freedom in your schedule to pursue your passion.

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To your success, 
Michael Mushlin
Chief Increase Officer
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